I have a new motorcycle!

Happy new year, everyone! The end of 2016 was as the rest of the year, busy, without much to mention. The one good thing for me was this: I sold my old Kawasaki KLE 500 and bought a slightly used (for a bike first used in 2012) Aprilia Shiver 750. You can see it below.   I liked this model since I first heard of it, in 2008. It had […]

New banner

I just made this banner image for my home page slider with inkscape. I like this software, it has saved the day more than once for me. I have used it for making labels for products of my day job, making placing diagrams for the pick and place machine guy, even for modifying postscript files (silkscreens) generated with old EDA software. Give it a try if you have time.  


I have changed my mind regarding the project I had started with LoRa modules. I will use it as part of a commercial product for the company I am working for, and since this product will need certification, I decided to change and choose another module. I will leave HopeRF’s RFM9xW in favor of Microchip’s RN2483. RFMs are cheaper but the Microchip solution is not so expensive, and comes pre-certified […]

LoRa news

I understand from what I ‘ve read lately, that LoRa technology is gaining on, and in places overtakes competing solutions, in WAN deploying solutions. This is true especially in outdoors applications, but with good penetration in buildings and good and easier to achieve network stability, as below sources show, the future seems very promising. Deploying a Wide Area Network for the IoT like that, is surely a lot cheaper and […]

Greek winter

It has been a while since my last post, and here is why: I said that this blog will be about things I love, in other words things that give me pleasure, or motive for living, or good vibes at least. The last couple of months were filled with nothing but bad vibes. One thing I love is certainly my living and roaming territory, the places of this planet I […]

Microchip’s first LoRa module is almost here

We all know Microchip, right? When i read about Microchip adopting LoRa technology last August, I was expecting something interesting, and it seems I was right. Microchip already had solutions based on almost every wireless technology known to man (MiWi -their own thing-, WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, and some more 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz modules). Not having a solution based on LoRa technology, developed by Semtech, would seem illogical, […]


I just wanted to share my excitement for upgrading the night before yesterday my PC, from opensuse 12.2 that I had for ages, to opensuse tumbleweed 20150107. I did it from the network and everything went smoothly! I was so optimistic (or desperate) that I started the procedure and then I went to sleep. The next day I waked up, turned off the PC (it was on text console, no […]

Tinkering with led displays

Lately I was playing around with a kit I had bought from ICStation: MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module Control Display DIY kit. I liked it and bought it because it is compact, small and cheap. I got 4 pieces a couple of months ago, and soldered them the same day I got them! Other obligations took my mind off them and I put them somewhere, together with ‘assorted electronics stuff’. A […]

Happy New Year

Hey, it’s already 2015! As 2014 was reaching to its end, I was getting more and more busy, like all the things left behind the hole year were coming on to me. Like Everything wanted to pass an important milestone and Everything was looking to me for a helping hand. As for me, I was mostly spending time with my kids and family… or I was trying to. I did […]