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I just wanted to share my excitement for upgrading the night before yesterday my PC, from opensuse 12.2 that I had for ages, to opensuse tumbleweed 20150107. I did it from the network and everything went smoothly! I was so optimistic (or desperate) that I started the procedure and then I went to sleep. The next day I waked up, turned off the PC (it was on text console, no […]

Tinkering with led displays

Lately I was playing around with a kit I had bought from ICStation: MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module Control Display DIY kit. I liked it and bought it because it is compact, small and cheap. I got 4 pieces a couple of months ago, and soldered them the same day I got them! Other obligations took my mind off them and I put them somewhere, together with ‘assorted electronics stuff’. A […]