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I have changed my mind regarding the project I had started with LoRa modules. I will use it as part of a commercial product for the company I am working for, and since this product will need certification, I decided to change and choose another module. I will leave HopeRF’s RFM9xW in favor of Microchip’s RN2483. RFMs are cheaper but the Microchip solution is not so expensive, and comes pre-certified […]

My LoRa modules now have a PCB (in the making)

I worked a bit on this project on the National Holiday of the 28th of October. I designed a simple PCB with through-hole parts. Here you can find the project files if you want to modify it with KiCAD: RFM92W If you just want to replicate it as is, here are the Gerbers I will have the PCB made soon and I will post any updates here. The PCB will […]