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I have changed my mind regarding the project I had started with LoRa modules. I will use it as part of a commercial product for the company I am working for, and since this product will need certification, I decided to change and choose another module. I will leave HopeRF’s RFM9xW in favor of Microchip’s RN2483. RFMs are cheaper but the Microchip solution is not so expensive, and comes pre-certified […]

LoRa news

I understand from what I ‘ve read lately, that LoRa technology is gaining on, and in places overtakes competing solutions, in WAN deploying solutions. This is true especially in outdoors applications, but with good penetration in buildings and good and easier to achieve network stability, as below sources show, the future seems very promising. Deploying a Wide Area Network for the IoT like that, is surely a lot cheaper and […]

Microchip’s first LoRa module is almost here

We all know Microchip, right? When i read about Microchip adopting LoRa technology last August, I was expecting something interesting, and it seems I was right. Microchip already had solutions based on almost every wireless technology known to man (MiWi -their own thing-, WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, and some more 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz modules). Not having a solution based on LoRa technology, developed by Semtech, would seem illogical, […]

PCBs for LoRa modules

I had some sample boards made. They have been ready for a few days now, but I have had no time to deal with them, I still don’t. I hope next week I will have them populated, and then the hardest part will start: I will need a lot of free time to tackle the software… To be continued…   [Update] I have one pcb ready but time NO, no […]

My LoRa modules now have a PCB (in the making)

I worked a bit on this project on the National Holiday of the 28th of October. I designed a simple PCB with through-hole parts. Here you can find the project files if you want to modify it with KiCAD: RFM92W If you just want to replicate it as is, here are the Gerbers I will have the PCB made soon and I will post any updates here. The PCB will […]