My personal all-around blog
My personal all-around blog


I started to broadcast some of my favorite music. My daughters are helping.

We are totally amateurs, this is a hobby project.

ράδιον in ancient Greek (ῥᾴδιον) means ‘easy’. It is also the name of the element Ra (radium). And a bonus meaning: it means radio!

The following is a test stream. Press Play.

Or use this link to open in your favorite player:

If you are on cellular data and want to save some Megabytes, use the lower bitrate stream:

Now we can be together for more hours!

PROGRAM – Below times are EET (UTC+2) – All days of the week.

07-10 Happy awakening

10-11 Reggae – Ska – Dub

11-12 Refreshing notes

12-15 Selections

15-17 Andri’s zone

17-19 Hardening up

19-21 Kat’s metal zone

21-23 Rock, Punk, Whatever

23-02 Electro

02-07 Cool down, sleep a little