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HLW8110 – HLW8112

I’ve been working lately with this chip, the 8110 version with the 8 pins. It is a nice, more capable unit than the company’s successful energy metering chips, namely HLW8012 and HLW8032. Those two are used in many devices, most notably in the Sonoff smart home range, for power and energy consumption monitoring. Manufacturer is Hiliwi (or maybe Hiliwei), a […]

KiCad to NeoDen part 2

In a previous post, I tackled the conversion of a CAD program (KiCad) output position file, to the pick and place machine’s (NeoDen 4) needs. The script I provided there did a great job in formatting the .CSV output file according to Neoden input requirements, and converting the component coordinates from the kicad reference to the p’n’p machine’s work space […]

KiCad to NeoDen

At work we have a new Pick n’ Place machine, a NeoDen4 for small production batches and prototypes. It has many nice features, and some naggin’ quirks too. One of the latter is the way it imports the positions file from the PCB design software. The best approach so far is a back and forth procedure as I will describe […]

LoRa news

I understand from what I ‘ve read lately, that LoRa technology is gaining on, and in places overtakes competing solutions, in WAN deploying solutions. This is true especially in outdoors applications, but with good penetration in buildings and good and easier to achieve network stability, as below sources show, the future seems very promising. Deploying a Wide Area Network for […]

Microchip’s first LoRa module is almost here

We all know Microchip, right? When i read about Microchip adopting LoRa technology last August, I was expecting something interesting, and it seems I was right. Microchip already had solutions based on almost every wireless technology known to man (MiWi -their own thing-, WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, and some more 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz modules). Not having a solution […]