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My personal all-around blog

LoRa news


I understand from what I ‘ve read lately, that LoRa technology is gaining on, and in places overtakes competing solutions, in WAN deploying solutions.

This is true especially in outdoors applications, but with good penetration in buildings and good and easier to achieve network stability, as below sources show, the future seems very promising.

Deploying a Wide Area Network for the IoT like that, is surely a lot cheaper and maintainable than using GPRS and GSM. I wonder if we will have an IoT provider based on LoRa someday in Greece…


This is more informative but in French:


and this press release document:

From the above I learned that LoRa was not developed inside Semtech as I thought, but bought together with the French company Cycleo.


Please note that I have no affiliation of any kind with the above mentioned companies…

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