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My personal all-around blog

Greek winter

It has been a while since my last post, and here is why:

I said that this blog will be about things I love, in other words things that give me pleasure, or motive for living, or good vibes at least. The last couple of months were filled with nothing but bad vibes.

One thing I love is certainly my living and roaming territory, the places of this planet I can call home. These are basically contained in the country of Greece, witch some of you might know has come to the point of bankruptcy and almost passed it. The country is now on such a short leash by its creditors, that even sneezing  might be considered “unilateral action” and might be fined heavily. Goodbye National Sovereignty delusion…

And who or what are those creditors you might ask. Nobody knows exactly. Hidden behind this huge man-made but inhumanly working economic system, there is little hope they can change policy. A proven wrong policy of extreme austerity is once again forced on us. Some people, or should I say “institutions” must get richer by squeezing every single Eurocent out of our troubled country. They understand that by letting us rise a bit and develop our country by ourselves, they can get repayed in full in shorter time, but NO. They want us to borrow again more, so we get lower and come to the need to sell out everything worthwhile for just surviving. Owning a country is so tempting.

This story is not short, and I don’t want to tell it, I am so fed up…

The other thing that hurts me is the way Europe treated Greece. So long Freedom, Fraternity, Equality delusions…. Goodbye. I will miss you. Europe is not a people thing any more, if it ever was.

Can you believe such naivety?  We engineers can be such big fools sometimes.

OK, I am so frustrated, and so close to pure anger when I think of the events of these last months, that it poisons me. I want out. Out of Europe if this can be done. And I say this while working in an industry (Industry: by Greek standards I laugh at the term, it is an overstatement) where  e v e r y t h i n g  is imported, we don’t even make the plastic materials for the housings of our products, not even passive components, resistors etc. It will be bad for me, but I think is best for this poor place and its people.

In addition, very soon we will not be able to produce any food at all without importing seeds. Greece, a traditionally agricultural country! This is another long story that maddens me.

Don’t judge me wrong, I loved the idea of Europe (Note that this site is .eu). I considered myself as a human first of all things and citizen of the world (without ever traveling abroad). Being Greek was not a top thing in priority. I would like to see someday Europe united fully, one currency, one legal system, one retirement system, one health system and so on. Equal opportunities, sharing resources where needed, equal pays for the same jobs allover…

It just isn’t going in that direction and I think the inertia to change course is huge, unlikely to happen. So I prefer out.

I feel we are entering a long winter. A winter Greece is not famous for, or accustomed to.

Anyway I will take a two week holiday, I will try to catch some sun and I hope things will look better then. Maybe I will have something good to add to this site.

Let us hope.

Try to have fun, people.

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