My personal all-around blog
My personal all-around blog

I have a new motorcycle!

Happy new year, everyone!

The end of 2016 was as the rest of the year, busy, without much to mention. The one good thing for me was this:

I sold my old Kawasaki KLE 500 and bought a slightly used (for a bike first used in 2012) Aprilia Shiver 750. You can see it below.


I liked this model since I first heard of it, in 2008. It had a unique then “Ride by Wire” system. It had a motor designed from scratch tailored to be controlled by the electronic system mentioned above – very difficult to tune with a more standard injection system with mechanically controlled throttles. All the specs were a first class lure for a tech freak like me. The all new 90° V2 engine, the unique frame, the braking system and the wide wheels, were accompanied by impressively smooth horsepower and torque diagrams as well! In addition the final price was very similar to other motorcycles, mostly Japanese, with more years on the market, less costly to make, but targeted to a very broader audience and thus with much less character.

This beauty is Italian.  One thing Italians can do like few, is design cars and motorcycles with style and character. The Shiver has this package.

With my first test ride the bike felt really good. It felt well made, not too sporty, not too soft, not awkward at all considering I was coming from a different ride style, it was very much how I liked and expected it to be. It also made it clear that it was not as versatile as my all purpose Kawasaki KLE, but it asked for me to be patient when I was riding in the traffic as it would be always ready to pay it back as good doses of pure fun, when I would be willing to.

I use it every day to go to work, despite the cold weather. Every day I feel good for my choice. It’s the new relationship thing, OK, but I believe that this machine is very close to what I consider fit for my style, abilities and expectations from a motorcycle. I think that I will keep it for long time.

My only nagging  is the tyres. They are not suitable for the cold and slippery roads of Thessaloniki. When they get warm things are not bad, but it is only 15 minutes max to work, I am riding mostly on cold hard rubber. I will change them on first chance.


I wish good rides to everybody for 2017, health and happiness.


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