KiCad to NeoDen

At work we have a new Pick n’ Place machine, a NeoDen4 for small production batches and prototypes. It has many nice features, and some naggin’ quirks too. One of the latter is the way it imports the positions file from the PCB design software. The best approach so far is a back and forth procedure as I will describe […]

New SSL/TLS certificate

Hello, I have installed a new certificate to my domain. Now you can visit the site using https: instead of http: protocol. I am using the free letsencrypt service. Edit 6-March: I am trying to enforce https protocol for all connections. Let’s see if there will be any problems… Have fun, Theodore

A Tree

A way of being must be found To balance the stones and the dreams I carry Pebbles to keep my roots in Dreams to keep my leafs high Still someone must supply the water… Just something that came to me one day when I stayed in bed till late, during vacation time. It was as is, in less than a […]

Hacker’s Delight

I would like to say only a few words about the book of the same title as this post, by Henry S Warren, Jr, as this is nothing new, probably well-known already and rightly so. It had two editions so far, the first was in 2002. I bought the second, as pictured above (used, in very good condition, hardcover, sent […]

Σχετικά με τον Χρόνο

Στην πραγματικότητα δε θέλω να μιλήσω γενικά για τον Χρόνο, ένα τέτοιο post δε θα μπορούσε να ήταν ποτέ σύντομο και περιεκτικό, όπως μου αρέσει. Είναι ωραίος τίτλος όμως. Θέλω να μιλήσω για τον χρόνο που πέρασε από πάνω μου ή εγώ από μέσα του, ή συμβαίνει ενώ υπάρχω, ή τέλος πάντων… Ήταν τα γενέθλιά μου στις 21 και πολύς […]